You can lean on me to write, produce, direct, edit or completely turn-key something for you.  I’m all about creating long term relationships, taking ownership of your projects, and bringing a fun and fresh approach to everything.

Doug Norlie Client Logos

  • “Doug Norlie is a superior writer, director, editor and producer. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Doug several years and on many projects. Doug is creative, reliable and skilled. He understands the client needs and always delivers.”

    Andy Shane, PR Director, Brady Media Group
  • “Doug is a real team player, a hard worker and committed to making the project the best it can be. Those traits aside from his great editing skills are what set Doug apart. He is a collaborator, a problem solver and always willing to give you 100% commitment. I’ve enjoyed working with Doug and always look forward to the next time we can work together.”

    John Fillo, Fortune 500 Company
  • “Doug is a great go-to editor, and he’s proven that with more than a dozen years of quality work for a variety of projects and tasks. You’re in good hands with him.”

    Tracy Helms, Creative Director, Unleaded

Demo Reels

Where creativity & skill spontaneously combust.

Editing Demo

A fresh reputation for editing

Quite simply, I’ve always been the guy; the guy whose edit sessions are fun, creative and collaborative, the guy who leaves at 3:00 a.m. because that’s what the deadline dictates, the guy who edits as fast as anyone you’ve ever seen, the guy who takes ownership of your project, the guy who’s just about done it all – broadcast series, spots, infomercials, short films, documentaries, corporate, conventions, ministry, agency, political campaigns, and a whole lot in-between, the guy who makes sure your project is done and done right.close

I love a clean sheet of paper.

Writing Demo

A fresh passion for writing

Writing is what got me into the television biz and after 25 years I still love it. Most of my projects are created from a unique, conversional and end user viewpoint. The bottom line: produce projects that are interesting, effective and under budget. Creativity from thought to post is what it’s all about.close

There’s an art to herding cats.

Storytelling Demo

A fresh perspective for storytelling

Organization, experience and know how make me an effective producer, director and storyteller. Being prepared with clear cut goals is the key to staying on budget and on point. I’ve learned how to be a take charge leader that encourages collaboration with the client and the crew. As a director, I pride myself in having the ability to work with talent to deliver a natural performance that translates well on screen.close

We do the thinking, they do the inking.

Animation Demo

A fresh vision for animation

Teaming up with animators for that added wow factor can be both fun and challenging. Let’s be honest, it takes effort in seeing to it that the original idea and design is what gets created on time and within budget. It has served me well that I’ve established good relationships with a variety of talented artists.close

  • Doug Norlie, aka “Dougie Fresh”

    Let me cut to the quick. For me, it’s all about relationships, passion and the ability to deliver. I’m a freelancer, not a post or production house. My niche is supporting my clients in whatever role they need – from thought to post. After 30 years in the biz, I still wake up excited about what I’ll get to create on the page, at the set or in an edit session. Any way you cut it, I’m a storyteller and always will be. So if you want to have fun while creating an excellent product, just shoot me a line or give me a call.

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    Doug Norlie, aka “Dougie Fresh”